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On a recent visit to Norway I had the chance to watch favorite Norwegian candies being produced at the Nidar Chocolate Factory in Trondheim. Nidar's motto   "Any nation with self respect has its own chocolate factory and traditional chocolate products"   sums it up nicely. As I watched the candies on the production line the names on the wrappers were unfamiliar to me, but my Norwegian host, Lisbeth, was like a kid reminiscing about her favorite candies from her childhood. It occurred to me that our love of chocolate isn't just about satisfying a sweet tooth   it's a deeper nostalgic connection and it doesn't matter what language you speak.

Green Alternatives: Unbleached and Chlorine Free PaperGreen consumers should always buy the paper product that contains the highest percentage of post consumer recycled content they can find. Go one step further by also searching for unbleached or chlorine free paper products. When you purchase paper that has not been treated with chlorine you can help shift the paper industry towards more environmentally friendly practices.

I have had the Kurzweil PC 88mx for over 10 years now. I have had 10 years of classical piano training, and I have found it to have a great feeling keyboard. I lugged it back and forth to church every Sunday for a few years, and I have dropped it a couple of times and it still works, so it's pretty sturdy.

Additionally, some in the industry suggest that the shape of the glass has an effect on how long the foam lasts once the last drop is poured.Why the Right Beer Glass is ImportantDrinking beer from the right beer glass is a serious matter, and in Europe pubs and bars have been known to have a special glass for each brand they serve.

Some new options within the new software update are designed to create your iDevice handy and ready for you whenever you would like it. Background App Refresh tracks the apps that you use the most, the time of use, and automatically works on the program update whenever it has new updates on the App Store. It can be very helpful but it also makes your device battery hungry. To disable the feature, go to Settings  > General  > Background App Refresh.